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Spiritual vendor 2007-06-28

Picture 26 in the Iran series.

I spotted this gentleman in a street market in Qom, Iran. He was quietly reciting the Koran, in what seemed to be an amazingly uncomfortable seating position.

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Comments (8)

  • I love these scenes of life.

    The tones and the rendering are excellent !
    Florian @ Jun-29-2007
  • I agree with Florian. It's really good to see these alternative images of Iran, as opposed to what we usually receive about Iran.

    Are you in Tehran? Were you able to get any images of the gas riots?
    Mahmoud @ Jun-30-2007
  • very interesting catch - quite uncomfortable position, indeed.
    kurt @ Jun-30-2007
  • Thanks fellas.

    Mahmoud, no unfortunately I was not able to get any images; mainly because the gov't has issued a gag order criminalizing reports on the riots. Basically, if I take an image of the burnt gas stations and post to this blog, I risk imprisonment, heavy fines, and possibly worse.

    Salar @ Jun-30-2007
  • un vrai lecteur est capable de tout pour assouvir sa passion!!
    lasiate @ Jun-30-2007
  • Great capture, as always :-)
    Evi @ Jul-02-2007
  • Well this is a much more pleasing image than any riot footage in anycase. Uncomfortable looking maybe, but given his readings probably very comfortable to him.
    ROB @ Jul-02-2007
  • That is good. work near gad.
    ketabme @ Jul-04-2007

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