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Comfortably numb 2007-06-26

Picture 24 in the Iran series.

A gentleman sleeps in a local mosque in Qom, Iran, while another prays in the back. It is very common for laborers to sleep in local mosques during the day, because for many it is a source of spirituality and tranquility.

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Comments (5)

  • Marvelous image, it is really good.
    Jesus @ Jun-26-2007
  • Thank you, Jesus.

    Salar @ Jun-27-2007
  • Interesting information, and a beautiful photo with terrific composition and tones.
    MarkDM @ Jun-27-2007
  • You did it again, i found it very interesting!
    Evi @ Jul-02-2007
  • was he dead? or was sleeping?
    kombizz @ Aug-22-2008

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