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Arabic Souk 2006-04-22

Souk: n. An open-air market in an Arabian city. Discontent with the modern and luxurious souk found at Madinat Jumeirah from yesterday, I set to find a genuine historic market; I wanted the sights, the smells, the entire experience. After walking about 4km in 30+ degree temperatures looking for access to the beach to get a good shot of Burj Al Arab, I gave up and hopped on the first cab in search of a traditional souk (all the beaches in the vicinity of the Burj are cordoned off). Forty minutes later, I found myself in Bur Dubai, at the heart of downtown Dubai. This historic open-air market has plenty of items worth haggling over, from spices and silk to electronics and gold. This image represents the colors, atmosphere, and architecture of these hidden jewels. In addition, it also represents the difficulty I was having in trying to fit in; Every corner I walked there were eyes watching my every move. Slightly challenging given that I was making an attempt at candid photography!

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