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Loyalty 2007-06-07

Picture 14 in the Iran series and final image in the series pertaining to the anniversary of the passing of Khomeini.

I can’t translate the text on the top precisely, but a loose translation of the poem is as follows:

"Don’t mourn my passing, as this dark night will pass; This feeling of drunken depression will subside once you join me.."

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  • great image Salar. Such fortune to have the loyal one looking right at ur camera. Well the video is about Zionism and Disney. I'm not 100% sure how often the regime relates zionism and Disney. This one was focused on how Disney has made another attempt and promoting Zionism through Pirates 3. It was Aired on IRINN. Are you able to watch any local television? I'm sure no shows like the Office air there :(.

    I got the lens for 1410USD shipped to the states. So i'll be making a trip down there on monday next-week. I get a good exchange rate and free wire transfer (well gotta pay the $10 telecom fee) because of work. worked out to be like 1480 CAD. CAD is doing soo well right now.

    I uped to a 30d eh... forgot to tell you. Smoking deal for that - pretty much brand new from some rich chinese fellow - had to buy the entire package he was selling tho - 2100 for 70-200 f4, 30d with grip and xtra batt, 50 1.8 mk II, 17-85 f3.5-5. something. Sold all except 30d+grip+batt for 1180CAD. Sold my xt w/ kit, grip, remote, xtra batt for 810CAD. The Upgrade only cost me 210 :D - But the f2.8 IS was a bit more :( Prolly coulda got more for the xt+kit - but eh - it was well used and out of warranty.

    Have fun in Dubia my friend - looking forward to your Dubia series. Enjoyed the Iran series :).

    Pharoaz @ Jun-08-2007

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