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Untitled 2007-06-06

Picture 13 in the Iran series.

In all my years doing street photography, I’ve only paid someone to take their image once. And that was in a small village in western Uganda. The gentleman above is number two. I’ve always been against paying someone to take their image, because it completely ruins the candid nature of street photography. But strangely enough, for this image I conceded because he was so aggressive! He basically grabbed my arm when he saw me with the camera, and wouldn’t let go until I gave him money to take his picture. I even kept lying and said I didn’t want his image, but he wouldn’t let go! So I obliged, gave him some money and took the above image. In retrospect, I’m glad I took his picture, but I’m still against the idea in principle.

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  • indeed paying some 1 to take a shot while roaming the streets destroys the candidness. I'm sure with the experience you went through, you'll never forget his face even if this image ceases to exist. Did you find out his name? Since he's charging you - you should have gotten his name if you didn't. Wait - he might actually charge you extra for that too haha.

    sent you a copy of the video that I was talking about. hope you have vlc media player.

    oh and when did you get a 70-200 f2.8 is?? - i just closed a deal on one for myself. :D
    Pharoaz @ Jun-07-2007
  • Thanks for the video. I'll have to view it once I get to Dubai on Sunday, as internet is far too slow in Iran.

    I did not get his name, unfortunately. I usually don't ask as I don't want to seem intrusive, especially in politically tense environments. But worse case they won't give it; either way I'll start asking from now on.

    The 70-200IS was my brother's. He has an amazing L-series setup in-front of his 5D. How much did you pick yours up for?


    Salar @ Jun-07-2007
  • Excellent portrait! You have maintained very nice details in white part of the image. Tonal gradation and composition is excellent. Just voted for you at Photoblog Awards:-)
    Abhijit @ Jul-08-2007
  • congrat what a detail
    maurice @ Jul-10-2007
  • and when you see him you just think "oh what a great and spiritual mister is this guy and how his face reflects his inner greatness" :))
    Farbud @ Aug-13-2007

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