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Islamic attire 2007-05-25

Picture 7 in the Iran series.

To contrast yesterday's tense composition, this is a different take on the same subject. While a mother, dressed in the state-approved level of personal modesty (full black hejab from head to toe, not displaying any parts of the skin other than a small portion of the face), walks her two young girls to school, the head scarf of her younger daughter blows in the wind. Younger members of society usually have a greater difficulty in both understanding the physically restrictive norm, and maintaining it. For this reason, many children are socially encouraged to respect and become accustomed to the Islamic moral codes earlier than the mandated age of puberty.

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  • very interesting picture.

    Good idea.

    Gretings from Germany.

    Peter :-)
    Klettergriffe @ May-26-2007
  • Very interesting to know more about their culture. Your capture is wonderful! The light is incredible!
    Kris [PiXistenZ] @ May-30-2007

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