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Un-Islamic Attire 2007-05-24

Picture 6 in the Iran series.

In the past few weeks, over 20,000 women and close to 1000 men have been summoned for Un-Islamic attire. Those failing to conform to the regime's definition of Islamic morals are punished with the minimum of fines, to the maximum of two months imprisonment, and/or flogging.

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  • I really love the chemistry in this photo. I know your intention is to show the attire, but the gaze of the man and the carefree pose of the woman blow me away. Perfect timing. Very reminiscent of some photographers from Paris in the 50's.

    :) Nice work.
    Dottie @ May-26-2007
  • Very good shot, i love the face of the woman in the front.

    Was is safe to shoot pictures?
    Kris [PiXistenZ] @ May-30-2007
  • Thank you Dottie, Kris.

    Some subjects are highly contentious, so I self-censor as much as possible. In this case, the composition is fairly neutral, so it should be OK.
    Salar @ May-30-2007
  • i am not a robot i love the way you look at the suject that you take the image it is a great sence of a photographer keep on and i love your work
    maurice @ Jul-10-2007

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