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Source of strength 2007-05-22

Picture 4 in the Iran series.

Captured in Hussein Abbad, a small village 45 minutes west of Tehran. As I was strolling in the desolate backstreets of this rural village, I came upon this gentleman who seemed completely motionless. With his head rested on his cane, he was quietly reciting the Koran, and counting his progress with a tasbih (a string of prayer beads used by Muslims in prayer).

I didn’t want to disturb his meditative trance, so I snapped a picture and continued walking; but since he did not flinch, I continued capturing images from multiple angles, experimenting with different compositions. There is one more angle which I will post tomorrow. The two are quite different emotive representations, so I’d love to hear which one you prefer.

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  • Salar, you did it again...Congratulations, my friend, this is a very emotive one, indeed...
    Evi @ May-28-2007

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