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Daily struggle 2007-05-21

Picture 3 in the Iran series.

This Haji ("an honorific title given by some non-Arab communities to a Muslim person who has successfully completed the Hajj to Mecca") was blind, poor, crippled, had Parkinson's, and was struggling to stand.

I intentionally cropped tight to emphasize his struggle while trying to get up. To force the viewer to pay attention to his struggle. Plus, a limited crop personifies his perspective (since he's looking down, with eyes half closed -- not conscious of his environment), thus providing more empathy to the viewer.

Comments (4)

  • very powerful image Salar, you got your point across loud and clear. mal
    mal @ May-22-2007
  • I'm probably the only one that's going to complain, BUT - I feel you shouldn't try to tell us WHY you made a decision in your work. "...to emphasize... force the viewer... personify... providing empathy..." etc. Your work should speak for itself... The way you're speaking is almost forceful - trying to change the way I might have seen the image. You can explain technical aspects, but don't force aesthetics. That's just me, though...
    Jessyel Ty Gonzalez @ May-23-2007
  • Thank you, Mal.

    Jessyel, you are absolutely right. If the image doesn't speak for itself, no words should. Congratulations on the upcoming wedding.


    Salar @ May-23-2007
  • It's what they say: " one image=1.000 words..."
    Evi @ May-28-2007

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