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Tehran 2007-05-19

I'm back! After a 3 week hiatus from photoblogging, I’ve finally settled in and back in the swing of things. My apologies for not responding to recent comments, as a stable and fast Internet connection is a rare commodity in this country. As I mentioned previously I’ve migrated from Canada to Iran, and will be staying here indefinitely. I can’t begin to explain how ecstatic I am about returning to my home country. I hadn’t returned in 9 years! But enough about me, and on with the pictures.

The above image is of Tehran, captured on my inbound flight. Tehran is one of the most densely populated, and congested cities in the world. Exact data on Tehran’s population differs since the city limits are undefined, but it has a metropolitan population of some 15 million people. Apparently since 2001 there has been an immense amount of investment in infrastructure in Tehran and surrounding suburbs. The entire region is filled with 3 to 10 story apartment buildings. Tehran’s high congestion is attributed to Iran’s highly centralized political and economical systems. It is so obscenely dense, that in recent years the government has contemplated moving the capital to a different city to help alleviate some of the demographical issues!

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  • i seem to have missed this one last time.... this is one cool miniature photo!!
    Kris [PiXistenZ] @ May-24-2007
  • Thanks Kris!


    Salar @ May-26-2007
  • What a great decision! It takes a lot of strength and courage for doing something like this!

    This image is beautifully captured...
    Evi @ May-28-2007
  • nicely captured, well done!

    It should be Navvab Highway! is that right?
    Reza @ Jun-02-2007
  • Thanks Evi, Reza.

    Reza, I'm not sure, as I captured it from the airplane!
    Salar @ Jun-03-2007

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