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Farmer's boy 2007-04-27

A shot of a good friend of mine in his backyard.

PS: I'm going to Iran on Sunday. First time in 9 years! I'll be there for almost 3 months, so hopefully I'll be able to get access to the Internet to post the pics.

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  • hey you are from Iran?

    i just recently read Persepolis 1 and 2

    such an excellent book...especially for these days with all the conflicts in the middle east

    or maybe such conflicts have existed for thousand of years already.

    anyway, have fun and please post more pictures!
    laurence. @ Apr-27-2007
  • Have a nice trip and pleasant staying there and don't worry about nothing, not even for the pics. Only enjoy it and most of all take care of yourself :-)
    Evi @ Apr-28-2007
  • Thanks Evi.

    Laurence is that the book by Marjane Satrapi? I hadn't heard about it, but the Amazon review seems interesting..
    Salar @ Apr-28-2007
  • yes that's the writer

    its actually a comic book..about her growing up in Iran, and then later moving to Europe

    its very funny and touching.

    by the way Persepolis is going to have an animated movie later this year too.
    laurence. @ Apr-29-2007
  • That is a really good portrait. The young face and old paint go together nicely.
    Michael Rawluk @ May-03-2007
  • very fine portrait. you created a very special mood.
    kurt @ May-05-2007
  • Good photo, I like his expression.
    alexandru savu @ May-06-2007
  • very good portrait.. somewhat moody..
    Kris [PiXistenZ] @ May-07-2007

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