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Dottie 2007-04-10

Local photographer strolling along the White Rock beach, looking for that perfect shot ;)

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  • I think you stole it from her, nice work.
    Jeff Ambrose @ Apr-10-2007
  • great shot. Love the abstractness of the construction and the reflections in the water...
    Maarten @ Apr-10-2007
  • Thanks Jeff, Maarten; I wish I had the tripod with me so I could shoot an HDR! The shot would have been more appealing if I'd retained details under the bridge..
    Salar @ Apr-10-2007
  • Nice reflection, and good construction. Well done.
    sylvainman @ Apr-11-2007
  • this shot is absolutely great! curious how it wouldn't have been without that girl walking there...
    Kris [PiXistenZ] @ Apr-11-2007
  • Hi Salar!!!

    Nice perspective, reflection and composition here!
    Evi @ Apr-12-2007

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