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RSX 2007-04-04

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  • Is there any genre of photography you can't do?
    Djego @ Apr-04-2007
  • A "dynamic perception" photography!
    Evi @ Apr-04-2007
  • Very nice, was any blur added in post or is it all speed? You should get some photos together and send them to jtuned magazine. See if they need any cars photographed up your way.
    Jeff Ambrose @ Apr-04-2007
  • Nice speed shot image. RSX is a Mazda, that's a Honda in your picture. :P
    Boback @ Apr-04-2007
  • Thanks everyone.

    Jeff, that's a good idea. I'll give them a try! The blur and color are all natural. This photo had very little done to it in PS.

    Bobak, I may be wrong, but I don't think Mazda makes a car called RSX. This one in the image, I believe, is an Acura RSX. The owner browses this blog so hopefully he can chime in...
    Salar @ Apr-06-2007
  • What kind of lip is that? It's not stock, is it?
    Peter @ Apr-06-2007
  • this is a cracking shot Salar, just the perfect blend of pin sharp vehicle and blurry surroundings, lovely shot. mal
    mal @ Apr-06-2007
  • Hey guys...

    First off, Thanks Salar for the photoshoot.. =) it was great meeting him through a friend of mine (dennislo.com).

    In anycase, this lip is a Cwest lip kit for the RSX 02-04 model. I believe we were driving around um... 40-50km on the bridge when this shot was taken...

    Thanks Guys.. =)

    Jay @ Apr-06-2007
  • can i just say.. Wow! That's a freakin' cool picture!!

    Is the blur zooming or processing? Anyway, the result is fantastic!
    Kris [PiXistenZ] @ Apr-08-2007
  • Thanks Fellas,

    Kris, the blur is natural motion blur!

    All the best,

    Salar @ Apr-08-2007

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