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Eyewear 2007-03-27

Ad for Dolce & Gabbana mens eyewear. :p

PS: For those in the Vancouver region: I have been invited to speak at the UBC Photo Society tomorrow evening (Mar 27, 1900hrs, 2nd floor SUB). The topic will be "Reconciling business and pleasure in Photography: challenges facing entrepreneurs in freelance photography." Would love to see some of you there.

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  • good picture. wow. John
    John @ Mar-27-2007
  • the beauty of a photo not only lies in the hand of the photographer but a great deal goes to the "photographee" (I just made that word up!)

    nice DEEP look, salar

    wish you all the best
    faraz @ Mar-28-2007
  • Good luck for tomorrow Salar :-)
    Evi @ Mar-28-2007
  • Moraghebe cheshmat bash , chon , kareshoon o khoob baladan .
    saeed beheshti @ Jun-03-2007

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