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Philosopher 2007-03-19

The greatest man I've ever known. My father.

PS: This is the 200th picture in this blog!

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  • Excellent work!

    I feel really lucky when i see photo sites like this one ! Very artistic captures ! So, keep it up !

    Please visit my husband's photo site.


    Your comments are more than welcomed !

    Greetings from Greece
    Evi @ Mar-19-2007
  • Beautiful portrait. I like the action in the shot. Looks like he's doing the salute, but he's probably just rubbing his forehead. Anyway, great black and white.
    Djego @ Mar-20-2007
  • Looks like hes just oozing with wisdom!
    Paul @ Mar-20-2007
  • Nice lighting for this shot. I love seeing details from old people. Every wrinkle tells a story. Cheers!~
    Noor Hazmee @ Mar-20-2007
  • Excellent portrait,

    Greetings from Colombia
    Tatiana Blanco @ Mar-24-2007

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