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On Deathrow 2007-03-06

Squamish, BC, Canada.

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  • Had to chuckle when I saw your shot - after I did a double-take...
    Kendall @ Mar-08-2007
  • Oops, sorry. Apparently I can't add html into the comments. I'd tried to add a link to

    Kendall @ Mar-08-2007
  • beautiful view

    and a really interesting theme

    still, i could imagine a pardon from the deathrow
    Krzysiek Witalewski @ Mar-08-2007
  • What a nice place to be ! It looks so peaceful !
    Regis @ Mar-09-2007
  • vay khodaye man, shoma in manzarehaye ghashangro ba kare ghashangetoon zibatar mikonid
    Hilda @ Jan-18-2009

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