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Dubai Promenade 2006-04-20

First image of the Dubai series. I will be spending a total of four nights in this beautiful city. Every road, every building, every single centimeter of this city is under construction. I have yet to travel a road that is not inhabited by large gangs of Pakistani/Afghani workers erecting the next skyscraper. Dubai is growing at an exponential rate. With plans of becoming the world’s business hub, Dubai feels like an independent country. Among the excitement, you will find the world’s first indoor ski resort, the world’s first ascending water slide, the world’s only six star hotel, and within the next three years, Dubai will erect the largest free standing building in the world. Dubai is certainly a success story I would like to be a part of. This image contrasts the metropolitan skyline against the serenity and peacefulness of the ocean breeze. After a long day’s hard work, many of the construction crews can be found unwinding at the beach with their respective family networks. Although a traditional Arab family is considered patriarchal, stratified on the basis of sex and age, historically the division of labor within the Arab family is built on interdependence between both sexes. This is an interesting dynamic, given many of the stereotypes we, the western culture, have of the Middle East.

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  • WoW! This picture is so beautiful. I love how all the different colours and light are captured.
    Jenny @ May-24-2006

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