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Absense of Light 2007-03-02

It's been a long time since I posted. Over three weeks. But now that the graduate thesis is completed, and I'm no longer in the UK (back in Vancouver, Canada) I can devote more time to what I love.

The above picture was captured about 5 minutes from my house in Vancouver. Every night I experience the most incredible sunsets from my bedroom window. Being witness to such natural beauty is what keeps us humble.

While I was capturing the image, I started to think about the time and effort that we as photographers put into every single one of our creations. One of the most interesting aspects of this time invested is when we contemplate titles for our images. Some are witty, some symbolic, some literal, and others conceptual. For this image, I asked my father to title it. I was really interested to know how he would conceptualize the image. After a few minutes of contemplating its meaning, he recited a famous concept that claims darkness is not the opposite of light, but is the absence of light. We can not MAKE darkness, but simply take away light. A similar analogy is of heat and cold; cold is not the opposite of heat, but the absense of it. Religionists use a similar analogy to make the case that the devil does not exist as a being, it is simply the absence of God (and goodness, etc). Thus, if cold, dark, and devil are not creatable, their opposites should be. And are. This, then, is the concept of energy. Through the production of energy, we create light, we create heat, and, provocatively, even God.

Interesting concept.

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  • Welcome back!!!

    Interesting idea! Tjhanks for sharing.
    Djego @ Mar-02-2007
  • Good to see you back, hope your thesis went well. Definitely something to think about. I'll have to contemplate it some the next chance I get.
    Jeff Ambrose @ Mar-02-2007
  • Very nice susnset and wonderful explanation !
    sylvainman @ Apr-11-2007

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