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RGB Addiction 2007-01-28

TV addiction and self-help guide.

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  • I actually gave up my tv last year willingly, its amazing how much time there is in the day when you're not being a zombie on the couch. I actually prefer books now to tv and it gives me much more time to go shoot. Great post.
    Jeff Ambrose @ Jan-28-2007
  • Dude your stuff is getting unreal. It’s amazing how much you've progressed in such a short amount of time; I'm truly jealous. Keep it up though Bro, looking at your work makes me want to get out and brush up the skills to try and catch up, though I know I don’t stand a chance:) Your ability to create such an original piece time and time again is something that is very special and should possibly be a larger focus looking to your future; just a thought. Hope all is well and looking forward to our West Coast reunion.

    Take Care and keep it up,


    Scubz @ Jan-30-2007

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