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iEgg 2007-01-25

'iProtein. iLife. And a breakthrough internet communication device.'

..err something similar, was Apple Inc.'s 2007 contribution to the technological revolution. Meanwhile, the Asians responded with a yawn, saying the year 2003 called, it wants its technology back.

hehe, anyway, I want to embark on a new project: Light on White. Control over exposure is already the most difficult aspect in photography; control over exposure in an image which uses nothing but whites and greys? Now that's a challenge worth taking. Of course a calibrated monitor is crucial in attaining the correct exposure; but unfortunately since I'm currently using a laptop LCD to edit my images, they may be slightly off-balance on a CRT. So if you are using the latter, I would love to hear your impressions on the exposure. TIA.

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  • I'm on a crt and it looks great to me, but I know it would be better on an lcd.
    Jeff Ambrose @ Jan-25-2007
  • Being a Mac fan I think this is eggcellent.
    Jason @ Jan-26-2007
  • Great composition and lighting of this difficult motive! IMHO you won the challenge :-)
    Tom @ Jan-26-2007
  • ! cool, very well done.
    kurt @ Jan-26-2007
  • Thanks guys.

    You might be interested to know that the egg used for this picture was actually brown, and not white. I played with the red/blue filter when converting to black and white to make it this pale.

    Nevertheless, it made for a delicious egg and mayo sandwich. =)
    Salar @ Jan-26-2007

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