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Handwashed 2007-01-17

And here is a Behind the Scenes shot. :)

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  • Great shot !
    Regis @ Jan-17-2007
  • Where are you getting your power source from?
    Jessyel Ty Gonzalez @ Jan-17-2007
  • Thank you, Regis.

    Jessyel, the parking lot we were shooting in had an a/c outlet.

    One of the photographers also brought a portable power supply, just in case.

    Salar @ Jan-17-2007
  • That's some Paris Hilton lookalike mate. LOL! Nice car and babe btw. Cheers!
    Noor Hazmee @ Jan-18-2007
  • wow. GREAT car and I love this color
    derLitograph @ Feb-27-2007

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