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Self Portrait 2007-01-14

Self-portrait fun. :)

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  • Nice suit!

    Very handsome. Why the cuttoff of the face?
    Jennifer @ Jan-14-2007
  • I prefer the tight crop. Good colors and composition.
    Brian @ Jan-15-2007
  • Most people try to hide the remots but you haven't and I like that.
    Jeff Ambrose @ Jan-15-2007
  • Found your site through Photoblogs' Image of the Day, and was very glad!

    You have some excellent images in this blog, and this is no exception. A unique crop and composition combo.
    Ernesto @ Jan-16-2007
  • this is one perfect shot..

    i really like how u showed ur hand holding the remote, and i love the face crop too, showing just enough to see ur emotions
    laurence. @ Jan-16-2007
  • Nice image. I like the crop and the blue background.
    Doug @ Jan-17-2007
  • Thank you for your comments.

    And thank you to Mute for featuring this image in the Photoblogs Post Of The Day.

    Salar @ Jan-17-2007
  • awesome portrait!! just love this framing... the absence, or suggestion says soo much more. Strong!
    flawijn @ Jan-18-2007
  • very cool and unusual portrait. i really like it.
    kurt @ Jan-21-2007
  • Great image!
    Mike @ Jan-21-2007
  • sweeeeeeeet
    imagefixation @ Jan-23-2007
  • Is that the Canon remote? And if so, how do you like using it?
    Phillipe @ Jan-24-2007
  • excellent shot
    alfredo @ Feb-20-2007
  • Excellent crop mate !!! ;)

    pixelkeeda @ Mar-05-2007
  • where is your open eyes ?
    saeed beheshti @ Jun-03-2007
  • bravo! love the colors, the suit, and the cropping.
    andy stenz @ Jun-04-2008
  • Super cool, I need to do one myself!
    Claus Petersen @ Dec-17-2008

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