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Toe 2007-01-08

This shot was tricky because I was intent on capturing the reflection of the left building symmetrically within the first window pane of the right building.

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  • I like it, its almost an abstract that you have to look at for a while before you figure out exactly what you're looking at. Nice work.
    Jeff Ambrose @ Jan-08-2007
  • Love the composition and conversion here, find it rather mesmerising. Best wishes for '07
    Rob @ Jan-08-2007
  • Thank you Jeff, Rob.

    Salar @ Jan-08-2007
  • love this one...very dramatic
    laurence. @ Jan-09-2007
  • Beautiful composition !
    Regis @ Jan-09-2007
  • This is awesome. The way you lined up the reflection in the window was brilliant in because at first glance you can't even tell it is a reflection. It is a beautiful abstract composition again.
    Doug @ Jan-09-2007
  • great abstract, I like the simplicity and the light
    John Zeweniuk @ Jan-10-2007
  • Thanks for the comments fellas.

    Salar @ Jan-11-2007
  • I think this is excellent. I love the graphic expression and especially the light on the two buildings. I wish I had taken this one.
    peter @ Jan-14-2007
  • The toning rocks man !!! U should also submit/share ur work at gfxartist.com !!

    U won't be disappointed to be a part of an amazing community !!

    ..........And this is not a spam :P !!!!
    pixelkeeda @ Mar-05-2007

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