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Between a Rock... 2006-12-28

Fifth image in the Spain Series.

The gentlemen in the image was carrying an extremely heavy load on his shoulders. I really wanted to snap a portrait and ask him what was bothering him so much; But the language barrier prevented any proper conversation, so when I walked up to him, I could only convey an empathetic smile and a 'hola.' I still wonder what could drive a man to sit with a face full of tears..

Comments (4)

  • The composition is nice. :-)
    tetsu @ Dec-28-2006
  • Very nice picture. I love the contrast.
    Martine @ Dec-29-2006
  • You did a good job of conveying the emotions of the man in this photo. Even though you can't see the man's face very well, you can sense a sadness there.
    Doug @ Dec-29-2006
  • the perfect spot to contemplate life's troubles....

    great capture, nicely processed.
    chantal stone @ Jan-15-2007

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