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Costa Suaves 2006-12-26

OK. Enough messing about. I need to make time for this blog and start posting images. I have about a half a dozen pictures from this month's trip to Spain which I'll add to the series.

This particular image is of Malaga, Spain. One of the most memorable events was the flight into the coastal city. As the airplane reaches the province of Malaga, it starts to take a wide circular turn, exposing passengers on the right to the incredibly beautiful and vast Mediterranean Sea, and those on the left to the Costa Del Sol. Costa Del Sol stands for ‘Sun Coast’ and is comprised of a long stretch of luxurious and incredibly posh tourist resorts, used as vacation hot spots for millions of European visitors every year. Cancun is to North America, as Costa Del Sol is to Europe. Since I was sitting on the left, I had the pleasure of snapping away a few images of this beautiful coastline. The image you see above was captured about 20 seconds before landing.

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  • Beautiful image. Was that a graduated filter you used to get the sky the orange color?
    Doug @ Dec-26-2006
  • Hi Doug,

    Yes, a graduated filter was used.

    Salar @ Dec-26-2006
  • wow, the filter effect in the sky really works here!!
    Kris [PiXistenZ] @ Dec-26-2006
  • Brilliant image, the filter adds a wonderful warmth to the image.
    Steve W @ Dec-28-2006
  • khaily zibast, tamame perspectivha ghashange
    Hilda @ Jan-18-2009

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