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untitled 2006-12-19

First off, sorry about the long delay in posting. I have a huge collection of images from Spain to post, but I've simply been too busy.

Second, my apologies about all the comments that were recently deleted. I was trying to delete all the spam that had accumulated after a week, and by accident deleted a couple dozen comments. I read, learn from, and greatly value, each and every single comment that is left. So your comment did not go to waste.

Third, meet M. M is a colleague of mine from work. She is a Dutch lawyer pursuing a career in writing. Aside from the fact that she is stunningly, yet naturally beautiful (meaning she is just as beautiful at 8 am, as she is at 8 pm), she is also very eccentric. Unfortunately she's returning to Holland in a few days, so I won't be able to shoot her again, but last night we collectively created a few great images which I'll share with you in coming weeks.

BTW: That horrible attempt at makeup artistry is by yours truly. It's not easy drawing on someone's eyeball when you're in the company of jack daniels!

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  • I don't think I could do much better with makeup so great job in my book!
    Jeff Ambrose @ Dec-19-2006
  • Not a bad job at all for being in Jack's company! You still managed to whip off a wicked portrait! I'd love to see more, she's a cutie!
    Ron @ Dec-19-2006
  • She is very beautiful indeed. Very soft smooth skin. The neck/shoulder lines and shadows perfect the image.
    Brett @ Dec-20-2006
  • Gorgeous girl. How could you even tried to ruin her beauty with your amateur makeup attempt :)
    Andriy @ Dec-20-2006
  • It's a soft and very beautiful image! I particularly like the dynamic of the pose, it's quite unusual and does not feel posed at all. A very very lovely image. Mal
    Mal @ Dec-21-2006
  • She is absolutely gorgeous. You are very lucky to shoot her, Salar.
    Collin @ Dec-23-2006
  • She is truly beautiful. The image frame looks very good as well. The lines and curves of her face/neck really accentuate her beauty.
    Phillipe @ Jan-24-2007
  • Beautiful portrait!
    Evi @ Mar-28-2007

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