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Petite Kingdom 2006-12-07

A shot of a small observatory captured in Southwest Ireland. I confess I increased the size of the observatory in photoshop by 50%, as originally its size did not demand enough compositional attention. Final image crossprocessed and desaturated.

Earlier this week I made the plunge and bought a full Bronica SQ medium format system. Additionally, I bought a 10-pack of fuji Velvia, a 20-pack of Ilford HP5 Plus Monochrome 120 film, and an antique russian leningrad light meter. I hurriedly bought all this so I can experiment with MF on my trip to Malaga, Spain. However, my flight is in less than a few hours, and everything was shipped and received on time except the bloody camera itself. Alas, as much as I was looking forward to playing with MF this weekend, it looks like I'll be 'stuck' with the 20D. On a more positive note, hip hip horray to instant gratification from digital photography.

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