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Density 2006-12-05

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  • Oh wow that is a lot of people. I like it in black and white they all seem so uniform.
    Jeff Ambrose @ Dec-06-2006
  • There must be over a 1000 people in there.

    The black and white really improves the look.
    Brett @ Dec-06-2006
  • This is very unique. What are they looking at?
    William @ Dec-06-2006
  • i'm speechless.... has a very unique feeling. nice!!
    flawijn @ Dec-06-2006
  • I feel so naked having all these people stare back at me!


    Good work Salar
    Peter @ Dec-06-2006
  • Very cool shot. The fact that there is a pattern to the people from the layout of the seats and aisles provides some really interesting lines in the composition.
    Doug @ Dec-07-2006
  • Thanks fellas.

    This is a picture of a relatively small number of Chelsea fans at yesterday's Champions League game against Levski Sofia in the Stamford Bridge stadium. As you can imagine, the mostly drunken bobble heads would move from side to side, following the ball around the field.

    Salar @ Dec-07-2006
  • this is amazing how they all looking into the camera :) Brilliant! I love this photo!
    alla @ Sep-07-2007

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