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Conspicuous Asylum 2006-12-02

This Irish mental asylum was situated in a lonely yet large grass field. Even though the aged stone wall around the perimeter, made of sedimentry rocks, was begining to crumble, it's not as if the psychologically challenged patients could escape; The building had no doors nor windows. Only a chimney, both used for a source of light, and warmth.*

PS: I'm in the market for a medium format camera, looking seriously at the Bronica SQ 6x6 format. Can anyone make any other recommendations? Anything in particular I should keep in mind when making this purchase? Thanks in advance.

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  • *facetious narrative. =P
    Salar @ Dec-02-2006
  • Well that's just creepy, did they build the asylum around the patients?
    Jeff Ambrose @ Dec-02-2006
  • Jeff, the patients get thrown in through the chimney.. duh!

    lol.. =P

    Salar @ Dec-02-2006
  • This is a wonderful image of a creepy place. I like how the colors are muted to enhance the feeling the image conveys.
    Doug @ Dec-03-2006

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