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Top Gear 2006-11-29

Another archive shot from Ireland, taken early last month. That girly 4-banger was my sole method of transport and hotel for the three-night adventure. The car wasn't as impressive as I'd hoped. The gearbox was twitchy and erratic, the gears were placed too close together, the interior's ergonomics were absolutely horrendous, and the engine acceleration was appaling. However, the car's weight distribution is perfectly balanced, so with the traction control button turned off, you can have some serious fun. And to top it off, Ireland has the best bloody road system I've ever driven on. Imagine silky smooth surfacing, curvy twists, practically no speed limit, and no cops or cars! (the whole place is deserted). Needles to say the perma-smile is on my face even to this day.

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  • You've managed well to create a Top Gear feel to this shot; same kind of processing they use on the telly. Composition is good as well; the enormity of the landscape with the tiny car.
    Tom @ Nov-29-2006
  • Oh wow that looks like an amazing place to take out a street bike. If you go down though I'd imagine it would be a long time before anyone found you. Lovely landscape definitely on my list of places to see.
    Jeff Ambrose @ Nov-30-2006
  • That road looks like a blast to drive on. You've done a fabulous job composing an image that highlights the car and the road.
    Doug @ Dec-01-2006
  • Sounds amazing!!! Great work! Cool shot, very Top Gear-esq indeed! Think i'll have to pay those roads a visit, not to mention the scenery!!
    Rob @ Dec-01-2006
  • Fantastic scenery shot and I like how the eye is drawn to the red of the car.

    Daniel @ Dec-01-2006
  • This should be in a magazine somewhere...

    The earthy colours and that striking red...Wow. Looks like you're driving on Mars.
    leeroy @ Dec-04-2006

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