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Mesmerism 2006-11-23

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  • Heavenly golden light. Excellent composition. This is definitely an VFXY 'awesome'!
    maggie @ Nov-23-2006
  • Oh wow (I keep saying wow) This is so beautiful.
    Benedicte @ Nov-23-2006
  • The subject is a little surreal, I can imagine dreaming something like this while napping in the warm sun. Wonderful colours you brought out!
    leeroy @ Nov-25-2006
  • Amazing, Amazing, Amazing! The colors are incredible. Well done
    Rami @ Nov-26-2006
  • Magnificent image, actually it is perfect ;)
    Steve W @ Nov-27-2006
  • The colors in this image are incredible!

    This is such a soothing image.
    Djego @ Nov-27-2006
  • Very cool, I love the old trees behind them. I wonder how many changes of the season they have seen.
    Jeff Ambrose @ Nov-27-2006
  • Another great shot! Its perfect! Cheers!
    Noor Hazmee @ Nov-29-2006
  • The perfect Autumn picture. Lovely colors, and great composition and format.
    Chema @ Dec-01-2006
  • What a wonderful place to be ! Magical...Lovely colours, great composition, piece of art ! Well done !
    Evi @ Mar-20-2007

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