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A day in my shoes... 2006-11-13


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  • very very nice.As times goes on he will enjoy these even more.

    nicely done.
    charles @ Nov-13-2006
  • Very cool, shows many sides of him.
    Jeff Ambrose @ Nov-14-2006
  • my favourite snap is the top middle one =)
    laurencepak. @ Nov-14-2006
  • Very tastefully done ala coffeetable style. You make this into a book or something. Cheers!

    Noor Hazmee @ Nov-23-2006
  • these are great...and inspire to do something similar with my kids :)
    chantal @ Nov-25-2006
  • This child, despite of his good look, is very photogenic too.
    Evi @ Mar-20-2007

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