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Family Tree 2006-11-08

Another attempt at processing RAW files; It's definitely an extra hassle, but my gosh I've never achieved such a balanced histogram before! The hump looks better than a camels back. I took Jeff's advice yesterday and bought more CF cards; Once they arrive, I'll be strictly shooting RAW from now on. :)

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  • This looks good. I like the composition with the line of trees leading to the back of the photo.

    Congratulations on learning the RAW conversion. That exercise puts a bit of a hill climb into your learning curve. It is well worth the climb when you make it to the top. Now, when, you get a 'request for photo' you will have the size of photo needed for printing to magazines, or large prints to sell.
    Maggie @ Nov-09-2006
  • WOW! What amazing detail. I think I may be looking at some more cf cards. The image is great. I love how the path leads you into the image as well. Thanks for sharing.
    Yvonne @ Nov-09-2006
  • I like this composition with the path on the right and the line of trees on the left tapering off into the distance. I like the tone too and am curious to what conversions you did in the processing -- if it was shot on film I would guess that you used a green filter.
    Doug @ Nov-09-2006
  • Good to know you're shooting exclusively with RAW now. As they say... Once you shoot RAW, you never go back ;-)
    Jessyel Ty Gonzalez @ Nov-09-2006
  • beautiful and so richly textured!
    John Zeweniuk @ Nov-09-2006
  • Great done! Amazing shot.
    Rodion Kovenkin @ Nov-09-2006
  • Great stuff! I love the low fog through the trees. At first i thought it was going to be another typical 'path in the trees shot' but you made it unique. Sweet.

    Lee Thomas @ Nov-09-2006
  • Good to hear, I think you'll enjoy the added benefits even though it adds some time to post processing.
    Jeff Ambrose @ Nov-10-2006
  • I think i'm going to have to follow suit! The clarity and tonal balance here is lovely. Well composed too
    Rob @ Nov-10-2006
  • have to agree with Rob; the tonal range here is extremely well done. The wide range of grays make the black and white very appealing. I'll have to give raw a trial!
    John @ Nov-10-2006
  • Crazy detail. The mist is so incredibly dreamy
    Djego @ Nov-10-2006
  • yeah, once you discover the power of RAW-files, you'ld never want to go back to jpg! same experience for me. I love that foggy effect in the background!
    flawijn @ Nov-11-2006
  • This is great image, well balanced composition and B/W treatment is superb. I was in your shoes not that long ago regarding RAW issue, switched now completely to it. You'll appreciate highlight recovery possibilities with RAW since you'd have to deal with 4096 levels per channel against 256 in JPEG. Just try to stay in 16-bit mode as long as possible. Good luck.
    Andriy @ Nov-12-2006
  • Thanks everyone.

    Andriy thanks for the advice; I don't quite yet know what I'm doing when processing RAW files, so I can take all the advice I can get.

    Salar @ Nov-12-2006

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