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la passerelle 2006-11-06

For years I've avoided shooting in RAW simply because I can't be bothered with the extensive workflow and the extortionate file sizes, but today I decided to give it a second chance. To my surprise, PS CS2 actually makes RAW processing quite easy and intuitive. Plus, since the 20D allows the user to shoot in Jpeg and RAW concurrently, I get the best of both worlds. ...Perhaps I'll start using RAW more often....

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  • I can't shoot in anything but raw anymore. The freedom it give you is amazing, that and memory is cheap so why not. I hope you stick with it I think you'll find the positives outweigh the negatives.
    Jeff Ambrose @ Nov-06-2006
  • Lovely colour and silhouette.
    miles @ Nov-07-2006
  • wow really.

    the lack of a spot meter makes accurate metering impossible i think..

    i only shoot in raw because it holds much more details even a 4 or 5 stops underexposed picture could come out alright. (a bit noisy of course)

    i always think that shooting jpegs might save some time but if i lost a "masterpiece" just because i shot jpegs i would very much regret it..

    but i know some professional wedding photograhers such as Jessica Claire that only shoots jpegs and do a fantastic job.

    fantastic photographers such as you too.! =)
    laurencepak. @ Nov-07-2006
  • Hi,

    Just found your photoblog, and these are really nice pictures!... and also the way it's presented on the web is very very nice done.

    Do you mind sharing what tool you use for running your photoblog?

    Best Regards,


    Paul @ Nov-07-2006
  • I prefer to shoot RAW primarily due to the white balance adjustment options. But my poor digital camera hasn't seen much use lately . . .

    In any case, I've recently discovered your site and I really admire your work. I've added you to my RSS feed.
    Renee @ Nov-07-2006
  • Thank you for your comments; I was still a bit hesitant, but your words of encouragement forced me to go out again today for another attempt at RAW photography. Needless to say I was astounded by the results again!

    Paul, the engine running this photoblog is courtesy of pixelpost.org, and the template was kindly donated by shamhead.com. Pixelpost is an immensely powerful photoblog application that is easy to setup, update and maintain. Best of luck,


    Salar @ Nov-08-2006
  • What an idyllic place to hang around ...
    Evi @ Mar-23-2007

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