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Light Tears 2006-11-02

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  • I cant put into words of the feel and mood for this shot. Its almost immaculate. Great stuff! Cheers!
    Noor Hazmee @ Nov-02-2006
  • Fantastic Shot great detail on the whites... I try to think what its doing to capture that postion... very nice
    Christopher San-Claire @ Nov-02-2006
  • This is great work Salar and so unusual, absolutely beautiful image. Mal
    Mal @ Nov-02-2006
  • wowwwwwwww.

    Soooo emotionally charged....
    Kedyl @ Nov-02-2006
  • So beautiful how the beak is duo-toned...slowly going from orange to red.
    Djego @ Nov-02-2006
  • Only one word : beautiful
    Pierre-Yves @ Nov-02-2006
  • simply stunning
    steve @ Nov-02-2006
  • Stunning shot! It's almost as if you told the swan how to pose. Did you shoot this with a long lens or were you very nearby?
    Tom @ Nov-02-2006
  • Just beautiful. Lovely mood and feel.
    Boback @ Nov-03-2006
  • wow!

    really professional make this photo!

    angel @ Nov-03-2006
  • wow! striking and beautiful... wonderful composition.
    John Zeweniuk @ Nov-03-2006
  • Thanks for all your kind comments.

    Tom, I was standing about 2 feet away with a 50mm lens.

    Salar @ Nov-03-2006
  • I've been staring at this image for about 10 minutes now...

    What an incredible scene....
    Brittany @ Nov-03-2006
  • VEry amazing. And i thought my swan photo was good. Now i need to go back to re-shoot.
    Andrew @ Nov-04-2006
  • This picture is quite nice, very full of emotion!!!

    Excellent taste in nice photos!!!

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    Hansamu Roy @ Nov-05-2006
  • This is such a compelling photo. Your photos are amazing and inspiring. Beautiful =)
    Alison Kim @ Nov-06-2006
  • a very graceful image :)
    david kleinert @ Nov-06-2006
  • beautiful.. but very sad
    Kris [PiXistenZ] @ Nov-06-2006
  • Hi very nice photo,if you have more I m waiting in www.digitalimages.gr to show them and to sell them if you like.With some charge you can have your own page in my site

    Christos @ Nov-06-2006
  • Wow, this photo is simply amazing. My first thought was that the swan was crying and had it's head laid down on a pillow. The composition is perfect to create the emotion.
    Beau @ Nov-06-2006
  • It's almost heartbreaking to look at it (him/her??). For the life of me, I can't figure out how you got the shot (is the swan real / dead / ????). Great impact with such a straightforward approach.
    David @ Nov-06-2006
  • Beautiful photo. Just found your site and you have some lovely shots, great work
    Rob @ Nov-07-2006
  • Thank you very much for all your comments on this image.

    David, the swan (I think it was a he!) was definitely alive. I think he was in the process of scratching its back when I instinctively snapped a pic with the 50mm.

    Salar @ Nov-08-2006
  • I don't think I've ever seen a swan portrayed like this before. This is so close and intimate that I'm lost for words. This is nothing less than fantastic in my book.
    peter @ Nov-10-2006
  • Wow, amazing photo, very creative, very "great timing". I was emotionaly struck by this frame and VERY glad to read that the swan was "very much alive". Facinating experience........
    Daniel Seguin @ Nov-27-2006
  • Beyond amazing work! So close and personal! Keep up the spectacular work.
    Andrew @ Jan-04-2007
  • So tender! Awesome photo!
    Evi @ Mar-24-2007
  • no words....
    photonscribbles @ Mar-14-2008
  • This is breathtaking...
    Heraldo @ Apr-06-2010
  • hanoozam in axo mibinam geryam migire ...
    shabnam @ Jan-17-2012

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