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Devil's Advocate 2006-11-01

This little devil, is my little angel of a nephew. We held a Halloween party for several of his friends tonight, and this is a picture of his Mum writing devil's codes on his face.

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  • Was his mom scribling a 666 on his face??? A devil he is. Hehe. Cheers!

    PS: Oh btw, i think you're not the only one having probs with my comment box. I think I got it fixed now. My guess is that IE might be the culprit. Hope you can give it a second chance.
    Noor Hazmee @ Nov-01-2006
  • I love the tight framing here... what a great face!
    Catherine Reyes @ Nov-01-2006
  • I love this. The making of the devil. Great angle.
    voip @ Nov-02-2006
  • Absolutely perfect portrait! Love the detail and sharpness and the expression in his eyes.
    Kris [PiXistenZ] @ Nov-02-2006
  • Great portrait - I really like this..
    Ian @ Nov-05-2006

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