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Milky rocks 2006-10-30

I think this will be the final image in the Ireland series (unless if I go through the files and find any more images worth salvaging!). Thank you all for your constructive comments.

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  • Thanks for sharing with us your Irish landscape series. I enjoyed every single one of them. Looks like Ireland is another must visit place for landscape freaks like me. Hope to see more. Cheers!
    Noor Hazmee @ Oct-31-2006
  • This is beautiful... I love it!
    John Zeweniuk @ Oct-31-2006
  • Thank you John;

    Hazmee, thank you for your kind comments. Ireland is definitely worthy of a visit for landscape photography. I think you and Imran would do a phenomenal job in Ireland.

    On an unrelated note, I've been trying to comment on your recent images, but unfortunately the comment box keeps giving a 404 error. Are you having stroubles, or am I having server issues?

    Salar @ Oct-31-2006
  • If this is the last shot from Ireland I'm glad I stumbled upon your blog. My photoblog is of shots primarily from Ireland because that's where I'm from but I dunno, your shots put mine to shame! Wow.
    Donncha O Caoimh @ Oct-31-2006
  • I've really enjoyed these images from Ireland. I think you saved the best for last.
    Doug @ Oct-31-2006
  • An outstanding image, full of mystery, just like Ireland itself. Well done.
    photoDude @ Oct-31-2006
  • wow, brilliant photo! beautiful scene, captured wonderfully.
    paolo @ Nov-01-2006
  • Great shot. I love the mist between the rocks and the sirene environment. Just peaceful

    Alex @ Nov-01-2006
  • What can I say Salar, this really is one of my fav' images, really moody and ghostly. Mal
    Mal @ Nov-02-2006
  • This is a fantastic photo. The jagged rocks really make an impact poking up through the mist. I would die to find a vista like this to shoot.
    Dalton @ Nov-04-2006
  • that is a truely amazing capture of nature. where was it taken??
    kara Lawrence @ Nov-05-2006
  • that is a truely amazing capture of nature. where was it taken??
    kara Lawrence @ Nov-05-2006
  • Thanks again for your kind comments.

    This was taken in Doolin, Ireland; The Cliffs of Moher are just to the left of this scene.

    Also, I should mention those are in fact ocean waves, and not mist as it may appear!

    Salar @ Nov-05-2006
  • Beautiful shot. I'd be interested to know where (Exactly) it was taken.
    Jennifer @ Nov-06-2006
  • Hi Jennifer,

    As I mentioned above this was captured just off of Doolin, 10km or so north of Cliffs of Moher (which are actually to the left of this frame). As you drive past Doolin towards the coast, you'll come up to the the ferries, and all around that area are some of the most incredible rocky coastlines, confronted by ferocious ocean waves.


    Salar @ Nov-06-2006
  • extraordinary picture. love it
    derLitograph @ Feb-27-2007

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