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Stoneberg 2006-10-28

A different angle on Cliffs of Moher in Ireland.

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  • No doubt at all regarding the scale of the cliff face. Great capture.
    ROB @ Oct-29-2006
  • Love this view - What an impressive shot.
    Ian @ Oct-29-2006
  • Thank you, Ian.

    Rob, you are absolutely right; this is a major failure of this image in that it does not convey scale. I should of taken that into consideration whilst shooting. FWIW the tower you see in the top is actually 3 stories tall.


    Salar @ Oct-29-2006
  • What a nice shot. I like this cliffs.
    Pierre-Yves @ Oct-29-2006
  • Breathtaking. What a fabulous location...
    Doug @ Oct-29-2006
  • amazing view.
    Andrew @ Oct-30-2006
  • Another great one.. the perspective really captures the depth and the perilous drop!
    John Zeweniuk @ Oct-31-2006
  • the cliffs are a truly impressive sight - and you captured them perfectly.
    kurt @ Nov-05-2006

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