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Decadent butterfly 2006-10-27

Thank you for all the kind comments and critiques on the last few images. It is really appreciated.

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  • Absolutely beautiful, I love the sense of mystery here and how the scale is somewhat lost making is a bit of an abstract. Magnificent archive BTW.
    Steve W @ Oct-27-2006
  • Wow! Fabulous contrast and the detail in the rocks is amazing.
    Doug @ Oct-28-2006
  • Love this. The mist has a movment to it. Awesome work.
    Bob @ Oct-30-2006
  • Awesome.. This has a kind of elegance to it. Love the texture and quality of those rocks in the foreground.
    John Zeweniuk @ Oct-31-2006
  • Absolutely fantastic, the subtle tones from the rock really appeal to me and again you've captured an earie quality in the image, lovely image. Mal
    Mal @ Nov-02-2006
  • wow, this fog amzes me, it is so mysterious and beautiful! you must tell me where it was taken, do you know what i do to post my own pictures up on here?
    kara @ Nov-05-2006
  • Thank you for your comments.

    Kara, this was taken in Doolin, Ireland.

    Unfortunately you can not post your own images here, as this site is selfishly dedicated only to my portfolio. However, there are websites such as photo.net, fredmiranda.com, and photography-on-the.net who encourage and facilitate postings to their forums.

    Best of luck,

    Salar @ Nov-05-2006

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