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--- 2006-10-25

To contrast the previous few colorful images, I decided to post this high-contrast BW picture captured in Ireland. The coast you see in the distance is the Cliffs of Moher. I didn't realize how practically difficult it is to capture these sorts of shots. In order to capture the creamy effect of the waves, of course you have to leave the shutter open for several seconds; but with 5-10' waves ferociously crashing into the rocks, it is very difficult to find a photogenic yet safe vantage point. So my first strategy was trial and error: basically get in there and hope that the size of the waves stay consistent long enough for me to capture my image. But that didn't work. Third wave: shoes and socks wet, dangling remote release drenched in salt-water. Ok. Plan B. From my surfing trip last year, I remembered how we used to count the waves. Since, according to Darwinian principles, nature is somewhat predictible, we discovered that the waves tend to move on predetermined cycles. Similar to the Fibonacci number sequence (constructed by adding the first two numbers to arrive at the third.... i.e. 1,2,3,5,8,13...), we discovered that while the first 4 waves are somewhat reserved, the following 5 are the 'build-ups', while the 10th is usually the most powerful wave. Yes! It worked! After successfully counting the waves from a safe distance, I had discovered the wave sequence. I had unlocked nature's most inner secrets! The art of wave counting! I was ecstatic! I ran back in there, set up the tripod, quickly snapped a few pictures...but lo and behold, my theory sank with the next wave, along with my cold and already wet feet. My linear theory hadn't taken into consideration the oceanic tidal forces of the moon acting on earth. Bloody hell. Let's leave this to the professionals. I'm sticking to my landscapes.

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  • This is beautiful Salar, I love this high contrast approach, you've nailed this one perfectly. Mal
    Mal @ Oct-25-2006
  • hhahah, funny analysis of the waves. Sorry to hear about the wet feet, but the image works. Don't give up!
    Djego @ Oct-25-2006
  • You've surely amused yourself over there in Ireland!
    Tom @ Oct-25-2006
  • Haha. I love your wave theory story. Well, count the experience as successful, because this shot is beautiful. And I have a huge soft spot for the Cliffs of Moher.
    Carrie @ Oct-26-2006
  • Wet feet or not, it's a beautiful image.
    Doug @ Oct-26-2006
  • Really beautiful shot...really nice !!
    Pierre-Yves @ Oct-26-2006
  • Nice shot, and i love the explanation. As an old "profi" windsurfer i'm used to counting the waves too! Still you can control the shutter and aperture but not mother nature. Great photo. Best wishes Neil
    neil @ Oct-26-2006
  • most impressive!!
    Kris [PiXistenZ] @ Oct-26-2006
  • Wow this is so beautiful...I love what you do here, this is fast becoming one of my favorite photoblogs to watch, you have brilliant work! I'm bookmarking you today!
    chantal @ Oct-27-2006
  • I have to agree with Chantal, you produce some excellent images on this blog. I visit it daily...thouh you don't update it as often as you used to!
    Catrina @ Oct-27-2006

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