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surreptitious treasures 2006-10-23

Picture seven in the Ireland Series. I originally shot this as an HDR, but in post-processing realized the cloud movement between the frames was too much ('ghosting'); so I opted to use the HDR method for the lower half of the image (comprised of 8 shots), and use masking to drop in the upper half. Otherwise I'd never be able to attain this much detail.

PS: Should I keep going with the Ireland series? Or are the viewers getting tired of the same genre of pictures?

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  • I think the processing is a bit overdone. But then again, I'm never been a big fan of HDR.
    Tom @ Oct-23-2006
  • i don't think i am tired for these beautiful pictures at all


    this one is very very amazingly beautiful

    that's all i can say!
    laurencepak. @ Oct-24-2006
  • Absolutely magical shot. I hear you about the choice to split the HDR top and bottom. Great decision - works incrediblyu well.
    Daniel Seguin @ Oct-24-2006
  • I'm loving the series!

    Now that I know this image is split, I think of it as a nearly seamless diptych.
    Atomische @ Oct-24-2006
  • Thanks for all your comments!

    Salar @ Oct-25-2006
  • i'm sitting here quite speechless......
    Kris [PiXistenZ] @ Oct-26-2006
  • Incredible colour - This is brilliant.
    Ian @ Oct-29-2006
  • Amazing picture!
    Photoblog is blindness @ Oct-31-2006
  • Great shot. Again, I'm curious as to exactly where this was taken.
    Jennifer @ Nov-06-2006
  • Thanks again.

    Jennifer this is facing east, about 1km from Cliffs of Moher, or 10km or so from Doolin. As you drive past the Cliffs parking lot, you notice a vast field to your right with dozens of old ruins and abandonned barns and houses. That's how I got lucky with this image.

    Salar @ Nov-06-2006
  • Very surreal, great job with stacking those images.
    Andriy @ Nov-12-2006
  • Really surreal !
    Evi @ Mar-24-2007

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