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Curves Ahead 2006-10-21

Picture six in the Ireland series. When I arrived at this location it was pitch black, so I couldn't see where I had set up camp. Throughout the night the car was violently shaking due to extreme wind speeds--only increasing my anxiety whilst waiting for the morning light. Finally at about 8 am I woke up to this most incredible landscape. I was surrounded by a ring of rocky coastal mountains standing on low central plains, with several mountain goats enjoying the lush vegetation. The village you see far ahead in the middle of the frame is Dingle, about a 20km drive from where I'm standing.

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  • I only found your blog yesterday after your photo had been posted on the London Photobloggers website. Great blog and even better photos!

    This Ireland series is stunning. Those landscapes are amazing and you've really put some effort in to get these results (i.e. camping in your car).
    Tom @ Oct-21-2006
  • the wide panoramic view really works for this shot. the cross processing also adds tothe image.
    johnson @ Oct-22-2006
  • Thanks Johnson.

    Tom, the effort that went into the shots was the most gratifying aspect of the trip. It's such a great feeling. Instead of worrying about the usual day-to-day head aches, all I had on my mind was how I'm going to achieve the best light, and where to find gasoline and a sandwitch. Best 'vacation' I've ever had. I highly recommend it!

    Salar @ Oct-25-2006
  • Wonderful panoramic. Makes me want to drive Ireland's country roads someday.
    Dan Creighton @ Oct-26-2006
  • Gorgeous. Man, I really miss Ireland.
    Carrie @ Oct-26-2006
  • Great shot, fantastic processing!
    Kris [PiXistenZ] @ Oct-26-2006

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