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Golden Hour 2006-10-20

Picture five in the Ireland series. This peninsula is at the tip of a village called Dunquin, in the south-west coast of Ireland.

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  • Absolutely stunning. It must have been even more amazing in person.
    dawn @ Oct-20-2006
  • The Golden Hour, it must have been a great moment... great image
    Christopher John San-Claire @ Oct-20-2006
  • That's just stunning. Really...
    Boback @ Oct-20-2006
  • as usual, a marvellous coast-shot. Some awesome coastline you're having back there!
    flawijn @ Oct-21-2006
  • Very very nice!
    moodaholic @ Oct-21-2006
  • Thank you for your kind comments.

    Dawn, it absolutely was. The scent of the ocean, the warmth of the sun, the anxiety of composing this shot right from the edge...! There are incredible feelings in life we simply can not convey through a 2D image. Yet we try our best anyway. :)


    Salar @ Oct-21-2006
  • Very cool shot - when I first saw it I thought - I've stood right there and took a picture - only to read your location and discover it is Ireland not North Devon. I have a photo on my blog from North Devon that looks pretty close :) Great image BTW.
    Steve W @ Oct-23-2006
  • Great shot! I was in Dunquin this summer; it's one of my favorite spots on the planet, I think.
    Jennifer @ Nov-06-2006

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