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reves brumeux 2006-10-16

Third in the Ireland series.

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  • Errmmm! Amazing image. Mal
    Mal @ Oct-16-2006
  • breathtakingly gorgeous!
    chantal @ Oct-17-2006
  • i got my laptop back from service and i voted 5 star for u again. haha

    i am wondering if u can only vote for a blog once in a lifetime?

    it doesnt' say when can i vote again.

    laurencepak. @ Oct-17-2006
  • hahah thanks Lawrence. I think the voting is IP based, so you can only cast one vote per each blog.

    Mal and Chantal, thanks for your encouragement, as always.


    Salar @ Oct-17-2006
  • PS: Lawrence, when are you planning on creating a blog and posting some of your wonderful B&W shots?
    Salar @ Oct-17-2006
  • Wonderful. I think that maybe the one centimeter of space/hole at the left should have been left out.
    moodaholic @ Oct-21-2006
  • great light! wonderful shot.
    John Zeweniuk @ Oct-31-2006
  • Beautiful. Is Reves Brumeux the name of the location?
    Jennifer @ Nov-06-2006

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