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Cliffs of Moher 2006-10-15

This incredible scene is a hundred times more stunning in person. These cliffs are apparently the most famous attraction in Ireland, annually attracting close to a million visitors. The cliffs run for 8 miles, with its highest tip at 241 meters above sea level. The sheer height, compounded by extreme wind forces that push and pull at these altitudes, makes the cliffs extremely dangerous. Understandably, they've barricaded the edge of the cliffs so that the village idiot can not get in the 15 meter radius of the edge. But, being the idiot of most villages, I went right up to the edge, otherwise I'd have a merger ruining the frame. Plus in order to get the full profile of the cliffs, I had to use a wide angle from the edge. So anyway, while I'm climbing over the safety barricades and slowly inching forward to the edge, I started to wonder what type of subsequential headlines would be published in the local papers. "Magnanimous photographer falls to his early death" or "2006 Darwin Award granted to a Canadian Photographer"? Since the second headline seemed most likely, I quickly snapped a few pictures and turned around to find solid ground. But as I returned, I saw probably 10 others that had followed my lead and were now coming to where I was standing. (including this guy, who seemed more interested in his composition, than tomorrow's newspaper headlines). So, with my new found confidence ("2006 Darwin awards granted to a GROUP of photographers"), I decided to put more effort into my composition. The final product, as you see above, is a 7 image HDR.

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  • I can understand why this place can attract so many people. Its absolutely beautiful. Hope to see more of this place. Cheers!
    Noor Hazmee @ Oct-16-2006
  • Excellent work, I would not have guessed this was a 7 exposure combo. Great lines, the waves lead your eye right up the scene.
    ROB @ Oct-16-2006
  • Great shot! Sometimes you really have to take a chance to get those great shots! 241 Meters doesn't sound like it would hurt too much though :)
    Ron: Threeflavours.ca @ Oct-16-2006
  • i must say ur HDR images are very very good.

    i always wanna try but i am too lazy to bring my tripod haha

    laurencepak @ Oct-16-2006
  • Just totally amazing! Great text too, :)
    Chema @ Oct-21-2006
  • Spectacular. Unbelievable how this photo is inviting... Love it.
    Daniel Seguin @ Oct-24-2006
  • I did the same thing. There's that flat rock area a little bit lower down, and I crawled across it and layed flat on my stomach for awhile, looking down over the edge. You got a beautiful day...it was pretty miserable when I went.

    p.s. I'm not stalking you...I just love Ireland, and you captured it well. ;)
    Carrie @ Oct-26-2006
  • Amazing! It does not seem possible
    John Zeweniuk @ Oct-31-2006
  • Thank you for all your kind comments; But now let's hear what you really think! Tear the composition apart! ;)
    Salar @ Oct-31-2006
  • Wonderful take of the cliffs. Nice job. I too felt it worthwhile to risk my life by venturing to the edge for a photo.
    Jennifer @ Nov-06-2006
  • Fairy - like !
    Evi @ Mar-20-2007
  • Amazing works Salar!

    I'm impressed... I found really-really great inspiration in your works. Thanks
    Alex @ May-23-2007
  • in dige akhare akasi hast

    besiar zibaaaaaaaaaaa
    Hilda @ Jan-21-2009

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