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Irish Breeze 2006-10-14

wow...wow...wow...Ireland. I just returned from a "backpacking" trip in Ireland. The reason I put it in quotations is because in all honesty I was comfortably driving around the south-west coastlines in a brand spankin new VW Golf. But my god what a trip it was. The three day trip was planned so that during night time I would drive all over the coast, map out potential photogenic spots, and return during day time to photograph those locations. This of course meant the discomfort of eating and sleeping in the car, but who wants comfort when you're surrounded by this much beauty. The majestic landscapes in Ireland are incredibly unique because of the breathtaking waterways, and ancient ruins and castles that are found all over the coasts. The island’s mild climate and frequent rainfall gives it lush vegetation, which creates beautiful green landscapes. But the areas that I visited are especially breathtaking because they're spectacularly mountainous and rocky, confronted by powerful oceanic currents, and scarcely populated. Basically a landscape photographer's dream come true. For the next little while I'm going to share some images that I was able to capture of this beautiful country. But I confess these pictures will never do this place justice!

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  • Wonderful colours and a great atmosphere!
    Wolfgang @ Oct-15-2006
  • The colours are very beautiful. Nice photograph!
    Joachim @ Oct-25-2006
  • fresh colors. so beautiful image
    derLitograph @ Feb-27-2007

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