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Sin City 2006-10-09

My tribute to a cinematographically astonishing movie, Sin City.

In other news, I'm going to Ireland tomorrow! I made the decision this morning, and by dinner time everything was booked and confirmed. I fly to Shannon (west coast Ireland), and will then drive up the coast to Galway. Along the way, I'll be photographing some of the world's most photogenic coastlines! Even the thought of such an incredible opportunity is orgasmic. Better than sex!

I'll start posting the pics upon my arrival on Saturday. :)

PS: Thank you for all your comments on the last few images.

PPS: Does anyone from the pixelpost crew know why the site counter stopped counting?

Comments (7)

  • Really nice. Like it a lot.
    Boback @ Oct-09-2006
  • I've just been catching up with your last three images, they are all stunning! Was Sin City captured in a similar fashion to Moonlit? Truely great work. Mal
    Mal @ Oct-10-2006
  • Did you added the rain effect? Looks pretty cool btw. Cheers!
    Noor Hazmee @ Oct-11-2006
  • This is brilliant - I have yet to watch that movie, but will get around to it soon!
    Ian @ Oct-12-2006
  • Thanks for your comments.

    Mal, Sin City was also an HDR (comprised of 5 images); Noor the rain effect was done in PS; just some repetative gray lines overlayed on the original layer;

    Salar @ Oct-13-2006
  • wow impressive and indeed it's totally Sin City! How did you do that?!
    Kris [PiXistenZ] @ Oct-15-2006
  • Thanks, Kris. To achieve the high dynamic range, I used 5 images to form a high dynamic image with the help of photomatix. Then, in photoshop, I converted to monochrome, dodged and burned, masked and added a series of grey lines, and voila, sin city extraordinaire. :)
    Salar @ Oct-17-2006

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