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Commitment 2006-10-03

Once upon a time he made a commitment; He promised to stand by with the rest of the timbers and together form a fence. But times changed. Natural forces overpowered their strength and weathered their bond. Now, as he deteriorates into oblivion, he is still bound by his commitment.

Also available in color.

Thank you to Ian Lawrence for helping with yet another facade of DP Blog.

Comments (3)

  • Love the angle and tone here.. beautiful shot
    Shazeen Samad @ Oct-03-2006
  • Very powerfull and thought provoking narative to a lovely image. B/W for me works a treat. All the best Mal.
    Mal @ Oct-03-2006

  • Another great shot, you make me want to get out with my camera :) Also, thanks for the link
    Ian Lawrence @ Oct-03-2006

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