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expendible natural commodity 2006-09-28

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  • At first i only saw this fantastic magical capture. Then i saw what you were going for ... love the barcode and title!
    Kris [PiXistenZ] @ Sep-28-2006
  • Great mood... Nice composition!

    19 Seconds Of Spring @ Sep-28-2006
  • Very clever. With a beautiful image to demonstrate the destrctive hand of man. All the best Mal
    Mal @ Sep-28-2006
  • I like the idea behind this. Great image to start with, albeit with a very poignant conceptual additve.
    Djego @ Sep-28-2006
  • I love the idea behind this image, but think you could have done a better job in presenting it more fluently.
    Secrause @ Oct-03-2006

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