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Hole 7 Par 4 2006-09-15

Another shot of Hennerton Golf Club on the hills of Henley, UK. This particular hole is absolutely incredible. It's only about 200 yards or so, but there is a large valley in between the tee and the hole, so you really have to pay attention to your swing and the opposing wind current. But after teeing off, once you go down the hill and up towards the hole, you are rewarded by a beautiful country side spanning hundreds of miles. If you time your game right, you can catch this gorgeous sunset.

PS: This is a tone-mapped HDR image, composed of 6 different shots with varrying exposures.

Comments (5)

  • I know nothing about golf but the picture is very nice :)
    Mauricio Matos @ Sep-15-2006
  • very very beautiful capture
    Kris @ Sep-15-2006
  • Really liked this one! nice job
    Diogo Sousa @ Sep-15-2006
  • simply beautiful

    colors are well captured
    takhot @ Sep-15-2006
  • Wonderful image!
    Wolfgang @ Sep-17-2006

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